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There will be at least one highly qualified, experienced coach assigned to each travel baseball team in addition to volunteer parent coaches. All coaches will be selected based on their knowledge of baseball, availability for games and practices and sensitivity to the needs of young players. We plan to have coaches trained on how best to coach the particular age group with whom they work, learning what are reasonable expectations for their players and the best way to communicate them. There will be demands made on players only in a constructive and instructive ways. Each player will be coached on the fundamentals of fielding, base running and batting. Periodic reviews of the player's abilities will be used to determine if these fundamentals are being mastered. Individual and team statistics are carefully kept and though they might not be shared publicly with the team, are used by coaches to help further the development of the players. Special attention will be provided to pitchers and catchers, where teaching proper mechanics are particularly important at this level of play. The objective of all coaches at all times is to model and teach competitive baseball in a way that increases not only the player's abilities but their self esteem as well.

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