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Parent Involvement

Parents play an important role in the success of travel baseball. Families are asked to commit a great deal of time and effort. Before making that commitment, parents must decide whether they are truly able to do so.

Travel of up to an hour to and from games is sometimes necessary. Travel programs require coordination with other leagues and therefore demand flexibility on the part of everyone involved. Although games are scheduled to be played on weekends, the exact time and place is sometimes determined very close to the game day. Games can take up to two and half hours each, which means double headers require a commitment of at least a half a day. Parents are also asked to help with general needs of the team; with equipment, transportation and clean up after games.

Most of all, parents are asked to be supportive of their boys and their coaches. Part of being supportive is trusting that your coaches are making decisions that are best for the team and leaving coaching decisions up to them. Parents are encouraged to practice with children on their own time, using your coaches' suggestions to work on improving individual skills. Interaction with players during games and practices is discouraged, so that players can give 100 percent of their attention to their coaches and their teammates.

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Only positive cheers and words of encouragement are appropriate during games from parents, who are required to remain seated in the bleachers away from the dugout. There will be no tolerance of criticism or arguments with umpires. Travel baseball games can get very intense, which can be fun and exciting, whether they are wins or losses. We ask that everyone work to make that intensity fun and not unnecessarily tense.